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How can I create a student account?

You can either sign in easily using facebook connect or answer some very personal questions about your relation with booze ! Just kidding, you can also fill out the form.

What is Facebook Connect?

It’s an API created by facebook that retrieves your information in a way to simplify your account creation process. It will also give you the option to share with your peers your awesome lifestyle.

Why are we asking for your university and student union?

In order to provide you with a personalized events feed, we need to know where you belong.

I bought a ticket but I haven’t receive my e-mail from StudentSphere yet ?

Check the list below to see if you are in one of the following situation but don’t worry you can still attend the event with your buddies.

1- You created your account with Facebook Connect and our e-mail have been sent to an old e-mail adress which is probably really shameful like “little_cutie_69@exemple.com” ! At any time you can go in “my account “section and change your e-mail address.

2- Our e-mail might went into your junk mail, please check it out .

3- You have checked the 2 options above and you find nothing… wait 24h and contact us at info@studentsphere.ca if you still haven’t receive your ticket.

4- You just bought your ticket and your event is starting in 2 hours from now. Print or keep with you your PayPal confirmation and e-mail us at info@studentsphere.ca.

I’m experiencing problems with Paypal, what should I do?

Unfortunately PayPal is not under our control (for now), but we can give you this PayPal Help Centre link. If you still have an issue with that, contact us at info@studentsphere.ca.

Do I absolutely need to create a student account to purchase a ticket?

You can choose not to create an account, but you will not be eligible to purchase tickets for events which are restricted to students only.

I’m not a student, but I’m still young in my heart, can I still buy tickets?

Of course you can still buy tickets, but don’t be surprise that most of events are organized by students and for students.

I’m a student but I can’t find my student union ?

It might be possible that they are not yet selling tickets on StudentSphere, sign in and ask them to use StudentSphere before they rip there hair out!

I do not know what association organizes the event, how can I find the event?

You can simply enter the name of the event in the search space at the top right of the page..

What about the ‘following’ feature?

You probably don’t wanna see in your feed all of the thousands events organised by student unions . That’s why you can choose event organisers you care about. By exemple, if you like your university sports team, the conferences provided by Exemple Union A and the partys organised by Exemple Union B, you can fallow those three. Once logged, you will only see there events in your home page feed.

I want to buy a ticket for an event, but I don’t have a PayPal account, how do I proceed?

You can pay directly online using a credit card / debit card and the transaction is still safe.

How much does cost this wonderful service?

The transaction costs are 5% + $ 0.50, this include the PayPal fee and maintenance costs of our unicorns.

What I am waiting for?

Only God knows!

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